Try a Healing Touch Massage


Imagine having a healing touch workout by increasing circulation and
relieving pain and soreness.”

Try a Self-Massage

  1. Take a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy skin oil in your hand.
    Gently touch the back of your neck, about two inches below the hairline. Using
    your fingertips, gently rub the oil into the skin.
  2. As you make contact with the skin, use a circular motion with your
    fingertips, gently moving up and down the neck.
  3. Work outward down the side of the neck to your shoulders, continuing the
    gentle circular motion.
  4. Squeeze your shoulders with your hand, one at a time, using the opposite
    hand. Then using long, stroking motions, gently sweep the skin from the neck to
    the shoulder and down to the elbow.
  5. If you play a lot of video games or use the computer for hours a day,
    gently massage your wrists and thumbs to release tension and increase
  6. Before bed, rub moisturizing lotion on your feet. Knead the instep, toes,
    heel and sole of each foot until the lotion is absorbed.

Take a Friend

You may be a little nervous about getting a massage for the first time.
Vaughn suggests taking a parent or friend with you. “Also, you need to find a
massage therapist you’ll feel comfortable with, so ask your doctor, friends, or
family members for recommendations. You can make an appointment through a
reputable spa, massage school or clinic.” To check licensing credentials
for individual massage therapists, go to the American Massage Therapy
Association’s web site at