Sheryl Crow’s 8 Life Lessons


Three years ago, singer Sheryl Crow, 47, suffered a painful (and public) breakup with her fiance, cyclist and parenting philosophy as: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” And she credits her age and experience with her relaxed approach. “Being an older mom works to my advantage, because I’m easier-going now. I’m less critical of myself, more serene … so if Wyatt wants to play in the dirt, I’m all for it. I don’t get worked up, say, about some mess he makes.”

7.    Live leaner and greener.
A longtime environmentalist, Crow sounds the warning cry about everyday toxins, especially now that she has Wyatt’s development and future to worry about. “We have to educate ourselves,” she says. “Find out what affects us in our daily lives, from the foods we eat to the cleaning products around the home. … I use earth-friendly cleaning products and drink water that’s filtered. No bottles — it’s such a waste, all that plastic. … We as consumers must become conscious of our daily decisions, it’s consumerism that endangers the planet.”

8.    Make choices for you.
Crow eats well, exercises regularly, and refuses to worry about aging. “Things have changed with getting older, like not being able to [jog] like I used to. But when I look in the mirror, I try to embrace those things and find the value in what I can do now.” She also believes in chasing ambition, and in fact, credits Wyatt with reigniting her desire to perform and express herself, but to remember to stop and smell the roses along the way, whether that means making time to hang at the playground with her kid, sleep, meditate, or go on tour. “I listen to my body, and I don’t work as hard as I used to,” she says. 

“There are certain choices I make. And I choose quality of life, every time.”

Adapted from the cover story of WebMD the Magazine’s March/April 2009 issue.  Read the complete story here.