Autism in the Classroom


When your child has an brain-based” program. The program looks at where children stand in four main areas:

  • Neurodevelopmental aspects
  • Physiological components
  • Social, emotional, behavioral
  • Academic

O’Dell’s philosophy is to create a loving environment with creative, passionate and tireless teachers. The school takes children from kindergarten to 12th grade. O’Dell and her staff, though, also evaluate children and create a home-based learning plan that’s tailor-made for them.

They also offer parent training and intense programs for out-of-town families.

Autism in the classroom: Balancing family needs

Wolfe tells WebMD all the hard work with her son Joshua has been worth it.

She says getting early intervention and training helped her entire family become stronger. In a sense, she says, the focus is no longer all on her son. That takes some of the pressure off him and creates a more balanced family life for everyone.

Now when something like a behavior issue pops up, she asks, “Is it because he is a boy? Is it because he is 7? Is it because he has autism? I don’t know and that’s when it is really hard, trying to decipher when to be the helicopter mom and swoop in and when to just back off because you know 7-year-old boys are going to poke other 7-year-old boys.”