5 Healthy Resolutions for Women


Thirty-year-old Pierangeli has spent most of her adult life trying to do what thousands, if not millions, of women have resolved to do at the beginning of each year: Live a healthier life. This year, however, she is more optimistic about success as she’s already started efforts at regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.

“This new year, I will continue and work on my eating habits, go to the gym, and practice balance in all areas of my life,” says the Louisville, Ky. resident.

Health-related goals are, indeed, popular among people with overactive thyroid have also been associated with weak and thinning bones.

New Year’s Resolution No. 4: Take Health Exams and Get an “A” for Good Health

Making a point to be up-to-date on health screenings may not sound sexy, but the tests could help you psychologist in Sarasota, Fla., suggests identifying stresses, prioritizing them according to importance, and then tackling them one at a time. He recommends starting with an easy objective, and then moving on to another minigoal. “It starts with something that you can be successful at, and nothing succeeds like success,” he says. “It reinforces you to keep going.”

If a woman is not able to accomplish everything on her list, Wish says not to fret. “The probability is that [women] won’t be able to accomplish everything, and therefore, they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.”

With the to-do list never ending, there’s no better time than today to find time to do something for yourself, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. The ideas vary with individual tastes, but some women have found doing simple things, such as walking, exercising, talking to a friend, soaking in the tub, or meditation to be highly enjoyable and relaxing.

So this new year, think of what’s important to you, make your resolutions, and vow to make this the beginning of a happier, healthier you.