Men Have Special Nutritional Needs, Too


The ways in which men and women differ are innumerable. Now you can add nutritional needs to the list.

While women would seem to have more special nutritional needs than men, given the demands that biology puts on them, men need to pay attention to their own set of nutritional demands as well.

Many problems caused in part by nutrition are common to both men and women, such as cardiac disease, Calcium is as important for men as it is for women, according to Agnew and Marin. They say that men’s need for calcium is one “often-overlooked similarity between men’s and women’s nutritional needs.” Osteoporosis tends to be looked at as a “woman’s disease,” but this is not always the case. In fact, they say, “one in four men over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in his lifetime.”