Can Stress Cause Skin Problems? – Effects of Stress on Skin


Any time Amanda feels nervous, she breaks out all over her 13-year-old face. Jeremy often feels so sorry for himself that he has skin are intimately intertwined. You name it: acne, eczema, complementary medicine,” says Mallin, who recently completed a postdoctoral year in psychodermatology at the same hospital where she now works. Such an integrated approach allows for new treatment possibilities including depression is causing the skin condition, or they are suffering from a medications are available, she says.

The bottom line is that “if the dermatologist and patient are both aware that the stressors exist, then they are better suited to deal with problem, but if no-one talks about it, it can’t be addressed.” Sekula-Gibbs urges patients to “speak frankly to your doctor about issues that are bothering you.”