Winning Mental Strategies for Weight Loss


What’s keeping you from losing weight successfully? Chances are, it’s not just what you’re eating and how much (or how little) you’re exercising. For most people, a major part of the problem is how they think about their food, their cholesterol levels were terrible, and she was terrified. But that only lasted so long. In the morning she was motivated, but by 3 p.m. she was in an eating trance at the vending machine.

I said, “You’ve told me about health risks and diabetes, and obviously that’s not motivating you enough. Tell me something that really ticks you off.” She said, “The other day my mother told me that if I get any bigger, I’m going to have to start shopping at Omar the Tentmaker’s. I own this fabulous Armani suit, it’s size 12, and I can’t fit into it.”

So this woman’s motivator, when 3 p.m. rolled around and she had a choice of a healthy snack or stupid stuff from the vending machine, wasn’t about diabetes or cholesterol — it was about Armani. If you elect to eat appropriately, then the answer is Armani. If you eat badly, then the answer could only be Omar. By honoring Armani, she’s stepping away from diabetes. That’s one of Dr. Peeke’s “get real” rules. Health is important, but you’ve got to make it more personal. It may be superficial, but it was worth it to her.

There’s No Reaching “It”

Just because you’ve lost 30 pounds and are at your goal weight doesn’t mean you get to sit on your laurels. If you’re thinking, “I’m here, now I can be normal,” I have a news flash for you. Normal means that you have to work at healthy eating and exercise every day. It does get easier with practice, but you must surrender to the fact that this is necessary to do. There’s no negotiation. You just go to another phase of your new lifestyle, and you just get better and better and better.