Energy-Boosting Foods for Diet Fatigue


Whether shopping or thinking about food; approaching the table with a plan or with trepidation;or talking about what you want to eat or will try not to eat, breakfast, instead of half a bagel and jam, she recommends adding a protein for staying power. Having fruit, cheese, and a half bagel is a good combination — but in modest portions.

“People are opportunistic carnivores,” Hart explains. “We don’t eat all grass or all meat, like some animals do. We attack almost anything and eat it. There is really no science to support various ways of combining [as insulin better. Excess headache, and then the yawning begins.

  • You need to eat regularly, maybe from more than one food group.
  • You need to avoid overeating and robbing your exercise. The good side, though, is that exercise builds muscle — and muscle is more active than fat tissue so it burns calories faster. The next time you exercise, the muscle burns more … you get the picture. And through it all — you are feeling perky!