Summer Sipping: Cold Treats for Hot Days


Forget the soft drink or boring bottled water. On hot days, it’s easy to improvise. You can create thirst-soothing, yummy summer drinks that are packed with disease-fighting Flaxseed Cookbook. Tiffany Barrett, MS, RD, LD, is a clinical dietitian at the Winship green tea leaves with spearmint leaves — the traditional Moroccan mint tea. You’ll need a teapot for this. According to custom, the brewed tea is served hot in a small glass (like a shot glass). Add a tiny bit of sweetener, if you wish. For iced tea, dilute the brewed tea and chill.

Just keep this in mind: “If tea is decaffeinated, you’re really hydrating,” Magee tells WebMD.

Red Wine Tastes Fine

Red wine is an antioxidant-packed vitamin E and B, and can be easily slipped into a smoothie, she says. However she draws the line there with the additives. “Personally I wouldn’t play around with bee pollen. You don’t want to take B vitamins by themselves. I like to use the whole food.”

Finally, you don’t want to go overboard with ingredients. Keep it simple; that’s the key to summer drinks.