What’s Up With the Pill?


What do you know about oral contraceptives — the pill? What do you think you know? The pill’s been around for 40 years, first in its early, high-dose forms and now with lower levels of hormones (“low-dose” and “mini” pills), but four decades of research on its use haven’t been enough to stem the myths and controversies associated with this method of Mirena. More effective than tubal ligation, but reversible, Mirena is inserted for up to five years. “I’ve put in tons of Mirenas, and women love it,” says Creinin. “But it’s not a cure-all end-all. It doesn’t hold the same benefits for ovarian cancer, though it probably would for endometrial cancer. With all methods, we have to look at their risks and benefits, both contraceptive and noncontraceptive.”