Strawberries, Spinach, Kale: High on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ List


Apr. 7, 2022 – Once again, strawberries and spinach, along with food labels on foods when it isn’t deserved,” says Connie Diekman, a food and nutrition consultant in St. Louis and a former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “The amounts they are measuring are so much below the tolerance level set by the EPA.”

The report shouldn’t scare people, including parents worried about serving their children conventional produce, she says.

As for how much produce to eat, “the best advice is to have half your plate be fruits and vegetables,” Diekman says. Under current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, an intake of 2½ “cups equivalent” of vegetables and 2 “cups equivalent” of vegetables is recommended daily for adults.

Editor’s note: Connie Diekman is on the Bayer LEAD Network, Leaders Engaged in Advancing Dialogue. Rosenbloom reports an honorarium from a bean industry group for developing a webinar on healthy aging.