Big Gals Just Want to Have Fun


Sue Sweeney’s red curly makeup, jewelry. You’d be surprised the women I see going out in sweats. And my skinny friends ask me, ‘Why do the men always talk to you?’ Well, if you perceive yourself as OK, others will, too. In fact, a lot of women in the club probably don’t even see themselves as overweight.”

“Men,” advises Battles, “if you go to such a club and a woman asks you to dance, dance! If it’s a slow dance, make it a good slow dance. Ask her to dance back. Offer to buy her a drink. Women are just looking for a normal man who wants to have fun — no matter what size they are.”

Sweeney herself is dating a personal trainer. “People look at us a little funny sometimes,” she giggles. “I once asked him why he was with me, and he said he wanted a woman with personality, humor, intelligence, and those were more important to him than body size.”

“If I can’t admit that at age 43,” her boyfriend told her, “I never will.”