Living With Celiac Disease: Child & Adult Tips


Do you experience bouts of celiac disease eat food with gluten, the villi (tiny autoimmune diseases. In fact, 8% to 10% of people with lactose intolerance, diabetes, and other health issues, so they know what it takes and are willing to accommodate special dietary needs without making a big fuss about it,” she says. The Celiac Sprue Association web site offers printable letters with specific advice on school issues.

“I also tell parents to tell their child’s teacher to let them know if there will be a birthday party or other special snack time in the classroom, so they can send something for their child to eat so he or she won’t feel too left out,” she says.

A Gluten-Friendly Future

But diet may not be the only way to deal with celiac disease in the future, Peter Green says.

In the future, there may be drugs available to help people with celiac disease better digest gluten. “There is a considerable amount of research on drugs that may serve to help people, and while they may not replace a gluten-free diet, they may allow people to tolerate small amounts of gluten.”

There is also some work going on involving genetic engineering of food to get rid of toxic components of wheat, he says.