Killing Flu Germs: Do Disinfectants Kill the Flu Virus?


We’ve all seen news reports about the revolting germs that lurk on the surfaces of things we touch every day. So as skin and sending it down the sink drain.

The CDC recommends that you day care centers may wash the toys and surfaces with bleach, it’s very hard to keep up.

What can a parent do? Aside from making sure your children get the , not a whole lot. Even hearty adults who haven’t been sick in decades are generally laid low once they have children, Schaffner says. Just consider it another cost of parenthood.

Keeping Perspective About the Flu

If you want to, you can spray your telephones with disinfectant and scrub your keyboards with bleach-soaked cotton swabs every day of flu season. But don’t get so focused on disinfecting surfaces that you neglect the three most important things you can do to keep flu germs out of your life.

Everything else is optional, flu experts say.