The Baby Boomer Heart: Cholesterol Rising


If you are active and young enough to think that “middle age” begins at 60, you’re probably a baby boomer who never thought you’d need to worry about high cholesterol. That’s something that happens to “older” people, but not you!

The truth is, if you’re 45 to 60 — or even younger — you’re at risk. The American LDL — the “bad” cholesterol which can build up in Crestor

  • niacin — in prescription-strength doses.
  • While doctors enthusiastically agree medications can help, taking medication won’t let you enjoy a rich diet without worry.

    “You can outeat any medication your doctor can prescribe,” says Weintraub. “These drugs are not a license to eat what you want.” Indeed, experts say it’s vital to maintain strict dietary and lifestyle changes even when your cholesterol begins to drop.

    Adds Krumholz: “The more you can do on your own, without medication, the less medication you’ll need to remain healthy.”