How to Manage COPD’s Impact on Your Job


Holding a job when you have health insurance. It’s a smart practice to give your employer at least 30 days’ notice and tell exactly why you need leave. You will have to provide a letter from your doctor if your employer requests one. And you’ll want to have a plan in place for what happens after your FMLA time ends.

Disability Insurance

Sometimes, a person with COPD simply can’t keep working. In its online Blue Book manual, the Social Security Administration recognizes COPD as a potential disability. This means you can apply for disability benefits to help cover your living expenses.

But just saying you have COPD or you regularly need a breathing mask isn’t enough. You’ll need your doctor’s notes and records showing why oxygen is necessary, and results of bloodwork and breathing tests, among other medical documentation. You may want to hire an attorney who specializes in disability requests.

Staying Productive With COPD

Breathing issues from COPD create challenges with all types of jobs that you shouldn’t minimize. But there are many tips, tactics, and resources available for you to enjoy a rewarding job as you manage COPD. Take full advantage of them.