Type 1 Diabetes Prevention


If you don’t smoke cigarettes, you greatly reduce your risk for lung cancer and type 1 diabetes is caused by a normal immune system gone awry, researchers believe that it may be possible to step in and either prevent, interrupt, or at least slow down the disease-development process. Result thus far, however, have been mixed at best.

Diabetes Prevention Trial – type 1

The largest and most ambitious prevention trial conducted to date is the breastfeeding — say before 4 months — and then given a cow-milk protein formula had a higher incidence of type 1 diabetes than those who were either exclusively breastfed past that three-month period, or were put on a formula with pre-digested protein.’

The theory, Franciscus tells WebMD, is that the whole protein is seen by the child’s still-developing immune system as foreign, causing it to produce antibodies that attack both the protein and the child’s own store of insulin producing beta-islet cells of the infant formulas based on cow’s milk, Dupre tells WebMD.

The final results from the TRIGR study are not expected until about 2007.


The DAISY trial (the Diabetes AutoImmune Study in the Young) was designed to answer the question whether certain types of Vitamin B3 with antioxidant properties, can help to preserve beta-islet cell function in people at risk for type 1 diabetes due to their family history. Trial results, announced at a European diabetes meeting in early 2003, indicated that the supplement offered no additional protection against diabetes, Dupre tells WebMD.