Healthy Frozen Dessert Recipes


The beauty of frozen desserts is that they cool you down on warm days or nights while satisfying your sweet Chocolate

Think about all the things cold and sweet that we love to eat — from smoothies to ice cream sandwiches to fruit sorbets to freezer pies. They all have something to do with dairy, soy, fruit, cookies and crusts, and/or Nutrition Information: Per serving: 145 calories, 1 g protein, 39 g carbohydrate, 0.3 g fat, 0.1 g saturated fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 2.3 g fiber, 4 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 2%.

Double Strawberry Shake

This makes a wonderfully thick shake. If you like it a bit more liquid, increase the soy milk to 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup.


3/4 cup low-fat strawberry frozen yogurt (or low-fat strawberry ice cream)

3/4 cup chopped fresh or frozen strawberries

1/4 cup vanilla or plain soy milk (or low-fat or nonfat milk)


  1. In small food processor or blender, combine all ingredients by blending until thick and smooth.
  2. Pour shake into serving glass and serve with a spoon or straw, depending on thickness.

Yield: Makes 1 serving

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic members: Journal as: 1 medium dessert OR 1/2 cup regular yogurt sweetened, with fruit or frozen + 1 portion fresh fruit

Nutrition Information: Per serving: 210 calories, 6 g protein, 36 g carbohydrate, 5 g fat, 2.2 g , 15 mg cholesterol, 2.5 g fiber, 65 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 21%.

Frozen S’Mores


1-1/2 cups cold 1% low-fat milk

1 package (4-serving size) JELL-O Chocolate Flavor Instant Pudding

1 cup thawed light or fat-free Cool Whip (or similar whipped topping)

3/4 cup miniature marshmallows

7 whole low-fat graham crackers, broken in half


  1. In mixing bowl, combine milk and pudding mix, beating with electric mixer or wire whisk about 2 minutes. Scrape sides of bowl halfway through to incorporate all of the pudding mix.
  2. Stir in whipped topping and marshmallows.
  3. Spoon about 1/4 cup of the mixture on top of each graham cracker half. Place them on a freezer-safe tray. Freeze about 2 hours or until firm. Serve straight from the freezer.

Yield: Makes 14 frozen S’More halves

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic members: Journal as: 1 portion light dessert

Nutrition Information: Per serving: 61 calories, 1 g protein, 13 g carbohydrate, 0.5 g fat, 0.2 g saturated fat, 1 mg cholesterol, 0.4 g fiber, 53 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 7%.

Strawberry Lemonade Pops


2 cups sliced strawberries

1 cup prepared sugar-free lemonade (like Crystal Lite)

1 cup low-fat or light lemon or plain yogurt


  1. In blender or food processor, combine ingredients until well blended (about 1 minute).
  2. Pour mixture evenly into 6 paper cups (or use plastic ice pop molds).
  3. Freeze 1 hour. Insert a plastic or wooden Popsicle stick into each cup. Freeze an additional 2 hours or until firm. Peel off paper cups before eating.

Yield: Makes 6 pops

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic members: Journal as: 1 portion light desert OR 1/2 cup “low-fat yogurt sweetened with fruit or frozen”

Nutrition Information: Per serving: 63 calories, 3 g protein, 10 g carbohydrate, 1.6 g fat, 0.4 g saturated fat, 2 mg cholesterol, 2 g fiber, 30 mg sodium. Calories from fat: 23%.

Recipes provided by Elaine Magee; © 2008 Elaine Magee

Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, is the “Recipe Doctor” for WebMD and the author of numerous books on nutrition and health. Her opinions and conclusions are her own.