Treating Occasional Heartburn: Medications and Food Advice


You eat a big meal out, late at night. You indulge in seconds and then thirds, have a few too many glasses of wine or cups of coffee, and then go to bed on a full Maalox, which adds aluminum to calcium carbonate and comes in liquid or tablet form.

Antacids are fast-acting but also short-acting, says the AGA, so they’re less useful for frequent or severe heartburn and don’t work well as a preventive measure.

Call Your Doctor or Pharmacist If:

  • You’re using more than an antacid package directs.
  • Your symptoms aren’t relieved, no matter what you do.

And remember: when it comes to food, a little goes a long way. You can stop heartburn with small meals and snacks — and hold the pepperoni pizza and cappuccino.