Are Allergies Cramping Your Sex Life?


Here’s a wild guess: When an allergy attack hits and leaves you Afrin spray works well. Just don’t use it on a routine basis – no more than a few nights a week – to avoid building up a tolerance to the medication.

There are many prescription medications that effectively manage symptoms that won’t put you to sleep or dry you out. A host of prescription antihistamines and nasal sprays are available, which are effective at decreasing nasal symptoms, as well as some of the eye symptoms associated with allergies. Products such as tongue. “You won’t need shots anymore. You put the antigen under the tongue and you will be able to do it at home,” Benninger says. He predicts that within the next two years or so, allergy shots will no longer be needed because of the availability of sublingual therapy.

Nondrug Solutions

Allergy sufferers can take additional steps to reduce the level of allergens from their immediate environment.

“You can focus treatment on the amount of allergy load, or the exposure to the allergy, and limit it,” Benninger says. “If you’re Sinus rinses, including Neti pots, or just a homemade mixture of salt and water that can be used to clear the nasal passages can be very helpful in relieving symptoms.

Bottom line: “Allergies are 100% treatable with the right combination of prevention, environmental modification, medication, or allergy shots. If you do all three, people for the most part, do very well with allergies,” Bassett says. “With proper treatment, we can help people feel better and look better.”

That’s not just good news for your allergies, but for your sex life as well.