Being Active Despite Allergies


For people who have asthma from the time he was very young, Coe developed double pneumonia. It was so severe that he was placed in an oxygen tent. He didn’t return to school until his sixth grade class had already begun.

Coe’s list of allergic substances – both indoors and out — contains all the typical culprits: dander, dust, aerobics classes, and plays soccer and dodge ball. Open to all types of treatment, she’s found that yoga works well to keep her breathing more easily. Her holistic mind-body approach has worked so well that she no longer needs as much of the medication she once relied on to get through the day. The combination of holistic, traditional, and physical treatments, she says, has been the key to her success.

“I don’t feel any one factor would have fixed the breathing 100 percent,” Jakosky says. “It was that mix of it.”