Tips to Ease Indoor Allergies


Try these simple tips to control allergens that may lurk in your home.

Shower Power:sinus infections, it’s time for sinuses.

Dry, Itchy Skin?Eczema is common in people with allergies. Cold compresses can help relieve . Be sure to use lotions to keep skin moist.

Rip It Up: Carpets and throw rugs collect dust, mites, and mold. Rip up wall-to-wall carpeting. Make sure small rugs are washable.

Sweet Heat: Warm compresses on a child’s face can help soothe sinus pressure and pain.

Wrap It Up: In fall, indoor allergens are our biggest pests. To control bedroom dust mites, wrap your pillows, mattress, and box springs in special allergen-proof covers.

Time to Winterize: Fixing leaks around windows and doors helps cut heating bills. It also keeps allergens outside.

Keep It Closed: Keep windows closed, even if temperatures are milder. You’ll keep outdoor allergens where they should be — outdoors.

Arid Home Air: Your home heating system dries indoor air, which can lead to sinus infections. A humidifier bumps humidity to 50%.

Tricked by Treats: can cause a serious reaction. If your child is allergic to nuts or other foods, check candy carefully.