Diets for Men: How Men Diet, Choosing the Right Diet, and More


Among Bill Clinton’s post-White House ventures, one of the more striking is his campaign to reverse trends in childhood obesity. It’s been remarkable for its ambition, and for the scope of its potential benefits. But perhaps most of all, it’s been remarkable to see someone of Clinton’s typically diet-oblivious gender speak publicly about laying off the cheeseburgers.

Diets aren’t just for women – Men diet too

Since his quadruple Jenny Craig and egg whites, breakfast-skippers — terrible habit, Klein says. “We go into a kind of starvation mode when we sleep, so if you wait until lunch to eat again, the body thinks, ‘Hey, I’d better save this as reserves. Who knows when this guy’s going to eat next?’ So it gets stored as fat. Take five minutes to have a high-fiber cereal or even peanut butter on whole wheat toast. Small changes make big differences.”

One last directive from Klein, who says Americans eat way more than we need: Cut those portions in half. It’s the quickest change a man can make in his eating habits — even if it is hard to swallow.