Why Men Live Shorter Lives Than Women


Listen up, guys. It may be time to drop the bravado and consider these sobering statistics:breast cancer and AIDS to the extent we have, we can certainly save our men.”eye on young males: The reckless nature and lifestyle of adolescents make them prime targets for injury or death. Females develop a more evolved sense of judgment and decision making at an earlier age then males. Add to that the cocktail of testosterone and other hormones and, biologically, males possess a potentially lethal internal recipe.estrogen provides women with a layer of protection that men don’t naturally possess, asserts Legato. Further illustrating this: Men can begin developing signs of coronary artery disease at the age of 35, Legato says, while women don’t present a risk of a heart attack similar to men until much later. should alert their doctor and take proper precautions beginning in their 30s.

“>eye on why coronary disease starts in the mid-30s.”