Retreats Revive Mind, Body, and Spirit


Ever since she enrolled in relationships, my well-being, and my career,” she says via email. “There are four specific benefits: The practice keeps me centered and focused throughout the day; my creative ideas come at this time of stillness; I have more energy and less stress; and I have a heightened sense of awareness that helps me to eliminate negativity.”

Parks agrees.

“Our culture applauds us for taking things in, thinking on our feet, and constantly being in motion. Retreat is the antithesis of that. A longer retreat tends to bear more fruit, but all retreats are fruitful. There’s nourishment in stillness.”

No matter where or how you find inner peace, Naples, Fla., psychotherapist and author Caryn Sabes Hackers underscores the importance of making retreats a regular part of your life.

“To allow the important physical and chemical changes that occur during relaxation is a key element to its success. It’s a tough world. Honor the marvelous machine that is our body — allow it to recharge.”