Actress Emma Roberts Talks to WebMD


In your new movie, Wild Child, you play a spoiled Malibu princess whose father sends her to a strict all-girls English boarding school. A lot of today’s young Hollywood stars find themselves getting into trouble. How do you avoid these pressures?

I always feel bad when I read magazines and see girls going down a bad path, whether it’s because of problems with their Breakfast at Tiffany’s and it is 100 times better and totally different than the movie. My mom always read to me before bed and when I was in second grade, I got obsessed with the Junie B. Jones series [by Barbara Park]. There are so many [of these books] that it took me most of second and third grade to read them all.

With actor Eric Roberts for a father and America’s Sweetheart Julia Roberts for an aunt, you really do descend from Hollywood royalty. Was Julia Roberts a fun aunt? Do you read to her children?

She is very cool. Sometimes I read to [her children]. They like being read to.

Speaking of your aunt Julia, she is quite vocal about her environmental beliefs. How do you feel about going green?

I think it’s really important, especially now. There are so many things to do that people choose not to do and it’s frustrating. My family does a good job. We buy all organic foods. We recycle.

If you had to lose one of your five senses, which one would you choose to lose?

I guess I would have to say smell because I want to hear and see people and pick up things and touch them, but there are a lot of bad smells in this world.

If you could pick any one disease to eradicate forever, what would it be?

Cancer. It is such a huge thing that affects everyone. I know people who have had it and it would be great to find a cure.