Can Teeth Whitening Become an Addiction?


Americans love a white smile. And, increasingly, we’re using whiteners adds a “sparkle” to teeth immediately after the treatment, Haywood recommends that people wait two weeks until after they’ve finished the teeth whitening process to see how effective it really was.

More Teeth Whitening Tips

Dentists also have these tips about teeth whitening:

  • Use desensitizing toothpaste before and after using teeth whitening products.
  • Get your teeth cleaned before starting teeth whitening.
  • Don’t use teeth whitening products when pregnant. Since they haven’t been tested on pregnant women, Zase says the danger level is uncertain.
  • Don’t use tooth bleaching products if you have crowns, veneers, or bridges. These restorations do not lighten, so you could end up with unevenly colored teeth.
  • A few groups, like people who used tetracycline as young children, may need more teeth whitening than normal, such as six months of continuous daily use. (Gerlach notes that studies show even these patients haven’t experienced more adverse effects.)
  • Carefully follow the directions and recommendations on any teeth whitening products you use.
  • To help your newly white teeth stay that way longer, avoid stain-causing food and drinks. Also, follow good oral hygiene practices.
  • If you experience tooth sensitivity after whitening treatments, stop, and wait for the sensitivity to disappear. You can then resume the teeth whitening, but for less time or with a lower-strength product.