Occupational Therapy & Therapists Explained


This type of treatment can help if you have eye coordination, or do tasks in new ways.

Your OT may:

Who Needs Occupational Therapy?

Just about anyone who struggles to do any kind of task may need it.

If you have one of these health problems, ask your doctor if OT could help you:

It can also help kids with birth defects, , juvenile arthritis, autism, or severe injuries or burns.

Where Do You Get It?

Your therapist may come to your home, workplace, or school to create a treatment plan. OTs also work in many places like these:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehab centers
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Nursing or assisted living homes
  • Schools
  • Private practice offices
  • Prisons
  • Corporate offices
  • Industrial workplaces