Cheating: 5 Signs to Look For


Is your spouse being unfaithful? sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Having multiple partners increases the risk of STI spread. Don’t have unprotected sex with your partner again until you have rebuilt trust. 

Get Therapy

If you want to work on things with your partner, you should seek couples therapy. Your therapist will work with you to address the underlying issues in the relationship and move forward in a healthy way. Therapy may create a structured and safe space for your partner to tell you about their infidelity.

Even if you don’t wish to work things out with your partner, solo therapy can help you heal and prepare you for your next relationship.

Allow Time for Thinking and Healing

Don’t make any decisions or commitments immediately after discovering a partner has cheated. Take all the time and space needed to explore your feelings and desires. This includes commitments to stay together or separate, or ultimatums about what will happen next time your partner cheats. Some experts recommend making no decisions for six months after a cheating incident — as long as you’re committed to working on things — and seeing how you feel after that.