De-stressing Relationships in a Fast-Paced World


The more devices we invent to improve communication, the more difficult it often becomes to effectively communicate with our loved ones.

But a loving, secure relationship is serious business, and harder than ever to manage in this stressful, hi-tech world we inhabit.

Stress may not be apparent to you, but your partner may be able to see it just in the way you enter a room, or the way your psychology, there’s something called “alexithymia” and it comes from the Greek alexithymos — meaning “without words for emotions.” If you can’t tell someone about your stress, your body will do it for you, in other words. The signs of stress are up like flags signaling storm warnings: the cramps can be used as white lies to help you in a tough interaction.

Practice Feedback

Begin to develop the habit of responding with a head nod, a smile, or a slight sound as your loved one talks to you. This way they know you’re engaging with them and they’re talking with you rather than at you.

Above all, no matter who you’re with, a smile is your best nonverbal cue anywhere, anytime, so use it often.