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Designer Estrogen?

Heart disease, heart disease
The 15-year estrogens will be designed to act only on specific parts of the body. “We may want estrogen for maintaining bone health, but don’t want the estrogen effect on the uterus,” says Janet Pregler, MD, director of the Iris Cantor Women’s Health Center at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

  • vaccine for the human papilloma virus
    One study has found that the sexually transmitted virus infects up to 80% of college coeds and can lead to cervical cancer, says Linda Duska, MD, a progesterone, he says, “we believe the ovaries are producing many other things that are beneficial to the body and have anti-aging effects.” Tilly and fellow researchers have successfully turned off a gene in mice that is responsible for shutting down the ovaries, producing female mice “the equivalent of 100 years old, whose ovaries are functioning like those of a young adult.”
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